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Devoxx 2019 – Craftsmanship, TechTinder and a lot of candy …

nov 8, 2019 | Company, Conferences, Devoxx, Event

It’s Friday afternoon. Devoxx Belgium 2019 has come to an end and our stomach still hurts from the large quantities of candy and snacks that we ate at various booths in the exhibition hall. 

Now that we’ve had some hours to let the last talks sink in, it’s time to share our impressions and experiences with you, Java lovers. 


One thing that struck us is the fact that the very inspirational speaker Victor Rentea mentioned our booth during his talk “The Art of Clean Code – The Next Chapter” on Tuesday. Victor is a Java Champion and one of the top Technical Trainers in Bucharest. He is a Lead Architect at IBM, practicing Pair Programming and Refactoring every day. In Bucharest, Victor started the Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community in which he runs regularly free coding webinars.

Our vision and slogan “beyond agile lies Craftsmanship”, which was visible on our booth, caught his eye whilst passing our booth. Craftsmanship is a very important value and attitude in our organisation. You can read more about how we interpret the term Craftsmanship on

The fact that such a prominent and highly respected person values Craftsmanship as much as we do, confirms that we are on the right track to shape our community of Crafters. 

You can view Victor’s talk via:
He mentions our booth at 03:45 and 04:00.

booth pic


This year, we were really interested in the opinion of the Devoxx attendees on different technologies and we wanted to create an overview of this objective and public opinion. 

We’ve put our heads together to see what we could do to check which technologies to follow, which not and which will be interesting in the near future. We wanted to do this in a fun and interactive way, so we came up with the idea of creating a Tinder-like application to rate technologies and we called it… TechTinder!
More info about TechTinder can be found here:

Attendees were asked to rate technologies of 3 different categories: Devops, Frontend and Microservices. We’ve received a total number of 15.312 votes, amaaaazing!
A big shoutout to all the participants, thank you so much! 

The following pictures display the number 1 past, present and future technology and also provides an overview of the most voted technologies per category. 

TechTinder DEVOPS

Conference atmosphere and talks

More than 20 Crafters from our Tribe attended Devoxx 2019 to gain knowledge and to be up to date with new trends in the Java community. Their general feedback was that some of the talks they attended were quite interesting, but unfortunately not very innovative. 

Furthermore, due to the immense popularity of certain talks, the seats for these talks were very quickly filled up. As a result, some of our Crafters were unable to attend their first choice(s) of talks, which definitely is a pity.

The general atmosphere on the other hand was great! 

It is always nice to attend a conference where you can talk about your passion with like-minded people and where you can discover the latest technologies and trends. 

We had a great time at Devoxx 2019 and we’ll definitely be back next year! 😉

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